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A set of metaprogramming tools to aid development, inspired by Ruby See the documentation for each tool to find out more

fs = require 'fs'
lingo = require 'lingo'

Use this function to enable a set of metacode tools in your class

class Controller
  metaCode @, 'forward'
  @forward 'req', 'param', 'session'

c = new Controller()
c.req = someReq
c.param 'x' # forwards call to "req" object

@object {Object} the class (in CoffeeScript sense) to be augmented @modules {Strings...} the modules to bring in @api public

metaCode = (object, tools...) ->
  for toolName in tools
    tool = require './tools/' + toolName
    object[method] = tool[method] for own method of tool

Auto-load cache

metaCode.cache = {}

Auto-load bundled tools with getters.

fs.readdirSync(__dirname + '/tools').forEach (filename) ->
  if /\.(js|coffee)$/.test(filename)
    name = filename.substr 0, filename.lastIndexOf('.')
    property = lingo.camelcase name.replace(/_/g, ' ')
    metaCode.__defineGetter__ property, -> 
      metaCode.cache.name ?= require('./tools/' + name)

module.exports = metaCode